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The Cultivated Meat Consortium is a group of Israeli companies and Academy,  developing Cultivated Meat Technologies, powered by  the Israeli Innovation Authority IIA 

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The establishment of the consortium was led by Good Food Institute Israel (GFI) grantee, Gaya Savyon, the consortium technical manager and Tnuva Group, the largest Israeli food manufacturer, who also heads the consortium.

We are dedicated to advancing the technologies involved in the production of cultured meat. Our vision is to create next-generation cultivated meat products that are of higher quality and complexity and can be produced at costs comparable to traditional animal meat, making the cultured meat industry a viable alternative to the current meat industry. The consortium's activities will also help establish Israel as a leader in this emerging field. Specifically, the consortium aims to address key challenges in the production of cultured meat, such as establishing optimal source cell lines, developing scalable, efficient, and cost-effective methods for cell differentiation, developing serum-free growth medium and reducing its production costs, creating scaffolds for meat growth, and scaling up methods using Macro Single Use Bioreactors (MSUBs).



The Israeli Cultivated Meat Consortium is a collaborative effort between academic institutions, large companies, and startups aimed at advancing the field of cultured meat. The consortium includes academic institutions, as well as companies such as Aleph Farms, Tnuva, Sartorius, and SuperMeat.

Through the consortium, these organizations can share resources, knowledge, and expertise to accelerate the development of cultured meat technology. Academic researchers contribute their scientific expertise and access to cutting-edge technology, while startups and large companies bring industry-specific knowledge and commercialization capabilities.

The collaboration also allows for the pooling of resources and funding, which can be used to support joint research projects and the development of shared infrastructure. This helps to lower costs and speed up the time it takes to bring cultured meat products to market.

Overall, the constructive collaboration between academia, big companies, and startups in the Israeli Cultivated Meat Consortium is a great example of how different types of organizations can work together to advance an emerging technology and create a more sustainable and ethical food system.

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Research Activity


At the Cultivated Meat Consortium, we believe that collaboration between industry and academia is crucial to advancing the technologies involved in the production of cultured meat. That's why we have established four work packages that bring together scientists from Israel's leading academic institutions and experts from the industry's top companies.

Through our work packages, we are making significant strides in advancing the cultured meat industry, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting and developing field. Stay tuned to our website for updates on our progress and to learn more about our research and developments.

Consortium Members


Eleven companies make up the Cultivated Meat Consortium's industrial members, united by their common goal of promoting the growth and advancement of cultured meat production and development. Additionally, the consortium draws on the knowledge and capabilities of eleven renowned research groups from five top Israeli research institutions. The Good Food Institute serves as the consortium observer, while funding is provided by the IIA.

Consortium Chair


Cultured Meat Development Companies

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Media and Growth Factor Development Companies


Scaffolds Development


Bioreactors and Manufacturing Technologies Development Companies


Academic Institutes




The Cultivated Meat Consortium is supported with research and development grants from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and it operates under the Magnet Consortium track.

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