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Seevix Material Sciences micro-carrier based on its biopolymer

Updated: Feb 4

Seevix Material Sciences is a biotech and synthetic biology company that develops and manufactures a protein-based biopolymer with advanced mechanical properties, to be used as a novel material by many industries. In the cultivated meat consortium, Seevix has developed a micro-carrier based on its biopolymer, which was demonstrated by consortium members to improve stem cell 3D culture growth. Seevix has developed a more economic production line based on bacteria fermentation, facilitating the future commercialization of its product in commodity industries.

Moreover, by combining biological, biotechnological and chemical methods, Seevix has successfully attached the necessary growth factors FGF-2 and TGF-β to the surface of its biopolymer micro-carrier particles, thereby enhancing the growth of stem cells in 3D culture. This contributes to the reduction in the growth factor content of the cultivated meat cell culture, reducing medium costs and final product price.

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